1.- Have a good internet plan.

There is nothing worse than being late to your virtual meeting, being unable to send a document because your internet is down, or having to constantly reconnect to an ongoing meeting.

2.- Have a room with a door to avoid distractions.

Nobody wishes to hear your children, your dog or your boyfriend in the background! Also, you need quiet to concentrate and work. If you have no doors, use headphones and your favourite selection of concentration music. If there is too much noise in your home during your meetings, mute your microphone while you are not speaking *.

*(or going to the bathroom with your laptop. While you’re at it, turn off your camera or you will risk embarrassing yourself on social media).

3.- Dress up for meetings – from head to toe, please!

You think that you can get away with pijama bottoms, but you might have to stand up during your meeting (it happened to me!). Please wash your face, brush your teeth, comb your hair. It’s better to keep a degree of formality and respect for others, and no one reallly wants to see your messy hair (or lack of interest).

4.- Use your online calendar.

I love paper but I still need reminders on my laptop to tell me that I have a meeting or a deadline coming up in 30 minutes. If you’re new at this, you will thank me. Include meals and calls to mum if you are a workaholic.

5.- You need a printer.

And ink. And paper. You can’t do everything virtually.

6.- Finally, my recommendation is to have set work hours.

If you’re like me and your timetable changes from day to day, be flexible, take that nap if you’re tired, but get your work done. Your clients will thank you.

Carolina Morillas

Specialist in Institutional Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Over 15 years experience working with stakeholders in different industries. She studied in Peru, the US, England, Italy, and China: Chinese, Politics, CSR, Corporate and Social Communications.

Carolina loves to travel, read and learn new languages (8 so far), which is why it is so easy for her to find and create strategic alliances.

At present, Carolina is a Director for Nimbo and for the Xima Hotel in Cusco.

Carolina has worked as a PR, CSR, or Communications Manager at companies such as Condor Travel, the Condor Wings Association, CEPLAN (Peru’s government think tank), and Unicom-Sparkice (ISP in China). She is past President of APTAE (Peruvian Adventure and Ecotourism Association) and past Director at Inlingua.

Follow her on:

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