Our main goal is to reach your target audiences through strategic visibility strategies. Every company has a nimbus that we can help you to light up.We therefore offer you a team of communicators, marketeers, journalists, creatives, designers and digital developers, and over 20 years of communication experience, all committed to achieving effective and measurable results for our clients.

Global Vision

We follow global trends and good practices because we have worked and studied in Peru, Spain, France, Italy, England, USA, Australia and China. We can communicate your message in different languages because of our multilingual team (English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian and Portuguese)

Our mission

   To build and look after our clients’ reputation   

Our pillars

  • telligence

    Alineamos estrategias y mensajes.
    Analizamos preferencias y motivaciones.
    Mezclamos experiencia y dominio de las
    nuevas tecnologías y metodologías.

  • spiration

    Al unir insights con creatividad
    logramos estrategias y contenidos
    que transforman y provocan
    un alto nivel de
    participación, colaboración y compromiso.

  • fluence

    Creamos estrategias y contenidos que
    conectan con audiencias
    que opinan y recomiendan
    en el mundo convencional y digital.

Our methodology

How can we evaluate a campaign’s success?

We think that an innovating and disruptive idea without an strategic communications plan nor a valid measurement method, cannot be evaluated.

For this reason we decided to be the first peruvian agency in being associated and certified to use the method of communication measurement AMEC (the international association for the measurement and evaluation of communication) and Peso Model.

Our methodology answers to the frequent concerns that Directors of Communications usually have

AMEC’s methodology has the answers to:

How do I design and optimize my strategy based on the insights that I have for my key audiences?

What is the smartest way to manage my communication campaign investments in the digital world?

How can I predict and anticipate the impact of my campaigns?

How can I integrate the results of my online and offline campaign actions, press management, social media, Big Data, keywords, SEO, traffic and ranking in google, and engagement percentage?

How can I demonstrate the value of our communication efforts in my organisation?





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